RC Radio Control | Quadracopters and Drones - Part 38

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The Hobby RC Cars

The race is long and you do not want to be left behind, do you? Have you any clue of RC cars and RC racing? Your answer may be on the affirmative. This is because RC racing is now becoming a prominent hobby around the world. RC racing gets into your system like an addicting cigar. You savor, you…

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Getting You Started With Gas Powered RC Car or Truck

There are many ways on how to start with gas-powered RC car or truck. There are many realistic features offered by these remote-controlled cars and trucks. They come in a variety of styles and types in the industry. In choosing one, there are many considerations you should take before eventually owning one. Radio-controlled cars and trucks lack the power…

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Sports for Die Hard Hobbyists

Radiosport as a term is sometimes used as two separate words, or as a single word. It refers to the use of amateur radio equipment or the “ham”, in short, as a part of playing some sort of game. It might be group event or a single person event. It can involve other competitors in real time like a…

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Radio Controlled Cars A Model To Suit All Needs

Whether you choose the simplicity of electric radio controlled cars or the realistic sights and sounds of nitro rc cars, one major decision the newcomer is faced with is just what type of radio controlled vehicle will best meet his needs. Whatever you choose, think carefully about just how you will be spending your time with your new hobby…

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Resources for the Beginner Who Wants to Pursue Radio Controlled Hobbies

If electronic gadgets fascinate you and you want to do more than just use them, then you are a great candidate for pursuing a radio controlled hobby. If designing and assembling electronic devices is your fascination then you will be interested by RC models, whereas if you are more interested in wireless transmission and making communication contacts with people…

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