The last one I made is still my most viewed video. 5 killer drone video ideas for cinematography so you don’t just hang out in the air, spin a bunch and get frustrated. Also what’s selling the best (locally ((which is way way better btw)) and on pond5 ((which pays well for a stock site and has traffic.))

The best drone shots I use most frequently:

1. Falling Backwards
2. Eagle on the Mountain
3. Flyaway POV
4. Dropoff
5. Downtown. Sunset. Rooftop.

Tripod mode, softer movement settings, 16ND filter.

The last one will be best for a Mini 3 Pro because the drone is so small it is easy to hug close up to buildings. Filming with this drone for photo or video is much easier because of the size and low noise. That is a 2022 drone like the Evo Nano Plus.

If its a DJI Mini 2 or DJI Air 2 OR DJI Air 2S then fix the color in a video editor, the default from camera is pretty bland. I use Adobe Premiere Pro its like $20/month for students.

Most of these drone moves are using the Mavic 2 pro. Also got some Air 2S in there (barely) some Evo II Pro 6k which is way better at sunsets than DJI, and the Mini 2 believe it or not. Its really good at being discreet and getting close to a rooftop or between buildings/trees.
Mavic 3 is now very much improved the way DJI handles reds so I’m happy with that one at sunset.
Inspire 2 with the X5S is a ton of the San Diego, California footage.

You don’t need a super expensive drone camera, anybody with some cinematography and framing sense can make a cheaper drone fly and look much nicer if they pay attention to what they should aim for. The best drone is the one you have on you (within reason, Mini 2 or higher lol)

0:00 Falling Backwards
0:53 Eagle on the Mountain
2:11 Flyaway Shot
3:20 Not Top Down
3:54 Dropoff
4:25 Downtown. Sunset. Rooftop
4:54 Hyperlapses sell on Stock Sites
5:10 Make it RELEVANT