5 Tips how to fly a drone for the first time beginners tutorial with http://bit.ly/Eachine_E58_Drone

Teaching you step by step how to be flying a drone safely with the eachine e58 the best beginner quadcopter to learn the basics

Because it come’s with altitude hold and one key take off and landing making it more easy for you to focus on learning one gimbal stick at a time without having to learn throttle control at the same time

The first lesson is only about taking off and landing in the same spot
Where you learn to watch out for the ground effect that creates turbulent air that causes extra vibrations stressing the gyro causing the drone to tumble and increasing the chance to crash

Luckily the e58 drone comes with one key take off that brings it up to one meter high far away from any ground effect that can cause trouble

At the same time while you learn taking off and landing you try to lean the quadcopter into the wind to keep it at the same spot
is one of the most important safety lessons

Because if you can’t keep the drone under control in one spot of 1 by 1 meter you have no business flying a drone and need to keep practicing how to hover the drone

Lesson 2 you learn to control the drone in a small space while leaning into the wind and facing all directions starting with north, east, south, and then west

The difficulty lays in the direction you need to steer the drone to keep it leaning into the wind changes every time you turn the drone 90 degrees

When you turn the drone 180 degrees and is facing you is the most difficult trick for people to learn because forward is reverse left is right and the other way around

We really recommend to practice this a lot and get that muscle memory and don’t become a cheater and use headless mode!

Lesson 3 you’re only going to use the right gimbal stick pitch and roll axis to make a big square in front of you having the drone facing all directions again just like we did in lesson 2

During lesson 3 a big group of geese is flying just inches above the water showing how you also can use ground effect to your advantage and save energy

Lesson 4 we are only going to focus on the left gimbal stick yaw axis and get a feeling how the quadcopter reacts when your turning left and right and at what speed

If you look really good you notice when you’re using the yaw to turn the drone left it also give a bit of roll to the right and the yaw is exactly doing two things at once to counterbalance that we a little hack but you need to use both gimbals coming up in lesson 5

Lesson 5 we are going to use all the skills you have learned in the previous lessons all at the same time and try to make a square where you fly the drone in all direction turning the quadcopter 90 degrees at each corner

You’re also going to try to make a big circle using my simple trick using both sticks when you want to make a turn you use yaw and roll at the same time to counterbalance the yaw negative roll action

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