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In this lesson, you will learn how to pack your drone and equipment for air travel, and what you can and cannot take on a plane.

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There are some things you should keep in mind when traveling by airline with your drone. First off I wouldn’t recommend checking your drone as check luggage unless you have a durable hard case, like the cases I showed you in the previous lesson. Luggage get thrown around and a hard case is essential if you want to protect your gear.

If you do your check your drone as checked baggage make sure that you remove any of the batteries and put them in your carry on luggage. Airline regulations require that you do not check certain types of batteries and drone batteries can be affected by pressure and temperature changes, and they can actually swell up and catch fire. And if this happens during your fight you want the batteries to be with you in your carry on luggage, so that the fight crew can help you extinguish the fire. Do not put yourself and others at risk by keeping your batteries in checked bag luggage. It’s also wise to discharge your batteries before taking them on the airplane.

A battery with a lower charge will have less potential to start a fire, than one of the full charge. I fly quite a bit with my drone and I usually don’t have any issue getting through security. Sometimes TSA will have you to look inside your case, if you’re carrying a drone on board and if you have any tools that you carry with your drone, sometimes TSA will not allow these. I always try to make sure that I put my tools in with my checked bag luggage.