Spectacular cinematic 4k drone footage of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – one of the most beautiful places on Earth! This 2 hour 40 minute video will make you feel like you’re right there in the sun-drenched paradise, complimented with its upbeat ambient electronic soundtrack.

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Cabo San Lucas is a paradise with its crystal-clear beaches, picturesque mountains and bustling city streets. The 4k UHD drone footage of Cabo San Lucas captures this unique landscape in all its beauty. Whether you’re watching the sun setting over the horizon or exploring the streets of town, this video will make you feel like you are on vacation already. Cabo Arch, Lover’s Beach, Pedregal, and the Cabo Marina are all featured in these cinematic drone videos.

A view from above of the Riu Palace, Villa La Estancia, Villa del Arco, Me Cabo, Casa Dorada, Bahia Hotel, Corazon Cabo, Hacienda Beach Club, Marina Fiesta Resort, Marina Cabo Plaza, Hacienda Beach Villa, Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort, Hotel Tesoro, Playa Grande, Solmar Resort, Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort, Terrasol Cabo, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, Sunset Beach Golf and Spa, Towers at Puebol Bonito, Pacifica Pueblo Bonito, Quivira, and the Old Lighthouse known as Faro Viejo. Enjoy all of these flyovers from the comfort of your office or living room.

Use this 4K UHD video as video walls for any waiting room, lobby, relax room, spa center, hair salon, nail salon, airport, public transport, restaurant, shopping center, hotel, lounge, gym, office, hospital, dental clinic, car wash, and more.

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Equipment Used: DJI Mavic 3
Music: https://share.epidemicsound.com/sdczez

0:00:00 – Cabo Arch at Sunrise
0:03:00 – Fishing boats leaving the marina into the sunrise
0:07:40 – Cabo Marina out to the harbour
0:09:27 – Land’s End Cabo Arch Perfect View
0:12:37 – Into the Cabo harbour down the mountain
0:15:49 – Santa Rita Hot Springs down the river
0:17:29 – Pedregal mountaintop villas
0:20:06 – Quivira Signature Hole
0:22:24 – Old Cabo Lighthouse
0:23:22 – Top Down of Cabo San Lucas resorts and harbour
0:25:58 – Harbour and Puerto Paraiso Mall
0:28:50 – Solmar Resort to Divorce Beach and Land’s End
0:32:01 – Cruise ship in the Cabo San Lucas Harbour
0:33:08 – Land’s end to Pedregal
0:36:35 – Cabo Marina into the sunset
0:38:41 – Cabo Arch at sunset
0:39:30 – Flying out of the Cabo San Lucas marina from Puerto Paraiso
0:41:28 – Cabo San Lucas arch before sunrise
0:43:32 – Grand Solmar to Pedregal
0:45:17 – Flying out from Land’s End before sunrise
0:47:39 – Sun rises on Cabo San Lucas arch at Land’s End
0:48:48 – Morning light on Cabo Arch
0:50:06 – Pacific Ocean waves hitting rock formation
0:51:11 – Aerial view of Quivira Golf Course Cabo
0:53:37 – Cruise ship in the Cabo harbour at sunrise
0:55:16 – Quivira’s signature hole from the air along the Pacific Ocean
0:55:56 – Flying along the hotels along the beach in Cabo at sunrise
0:59:33 – Cabo San Lucas Old Lighthouse Drone View
1:00:17 – Quiver golf course clubhouse and finishing hole
1:01:10 – Pueblo Bonito Resort and Pueblo Bonito Sunset
1:04:00 – Pre Sunrise over Cabo San Lucas Harbour
1:04:45 – Morning light on the mountains around Cabo San Lucas
1:06:05 – Pueblo Bonito Resort at Sunset Cinematic Aerial Footage
1:07:26 – Hotels along the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo San Lucas
1:10:37 – Pre Sunrise along the resorts in Cabo San Lucas
1:13:32 – Pan around boats in the harbour in Cabo
1:15:44 – Top down view of beachfront resorts
1:23:00 – Top down aerial view of hotels out to the Pacific Ocean
1:28:39 – Sunset tour of the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch
1:29:37 – High view of Quivira Golf Course
1:30:06 – Swirling waves crashing up on shore
1:34:02 – Sunrise and boats in the harbour
1:34:52 – Pan along Land’s End from Lover’s Beach to the Arch
1:38:03 – More swirling turquoise waves
1:41:00 – Puerto Paraiso Mall to the Pacific Ocean in late day light
1:44:23 – Cabo San Lucas Hot Springs flying up into the mountains
1:53:04 – Waves crashing into sharp rocks
1:54:10 – Reveal from the rocks into the Cabo Arch at Land’s End
1:57:55 – Up close to Land’s End Cabo Arch by Drone
2:01:16 – Waves swirling on shore
2:04:07 – Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach
2:06:09 – Sunrise into the Cabo San Lucas Port
2:09:39 – Descending view into rocks with waves crashing
2:16:37 – All the beach front hotels in Cabo
2:24:21 – High view drone shot of Cabo San Lucas Bay
2:26:50 – Sun rising over the ocean at the Cabo Marina
2:29:55 – Flying into the Cabo Arch during daylight
2:38:42 – Sunset in Cabo San Lucas with cruise ship, hotels and marina