Avoid registering your drone & spending time and money to get a Part 107 drone pilot license! I will tell you how in this video.

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00:09 Do You Have To Register Your Drone?
00:43 What Are The Advantages To Not Registering Your Drone?
01:05 What Is The Disadvantage To Not Registering Your Drone?
01:12 How Does The Find My Drone Feature Work With The DJI Mini 2?
01:31 Do You Have To Get A License To Fly A Drone?
01:48 If You Are Not A Professional Do You Have To Get A License To Fly A Drone?
01:55 What Are the Advantages To Not Having A Part 107 License To Fly A Drone?
02:08 What Are the Disadvantages to Not Having A Part 107 License To Fly A Drone?
02:48 If You Are A Professional Do You Have to Get A Part 107 License To Fly A Drone?
02:54 How To Make Money With A Drone?
03:01 How Do You Study For The Part 107 Drone Pilot License Test?

✅ Resources ✅
👉🏻 How To Use Find My Drone Feature On The DJI Fly App: https://youtu.be/ooH0n4dzwHs
👉🏻 Drone Pilot Ground School: https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/get-started/?_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=Cj0KCQiApL2QBhC8ARIsAGMm-KF9Wd4PTsKQEohUtC0LzvJevpQLPTGmUtUsR-JZOoQYirwa2kOowwUaAt_5EALw_wcB

1. You Do Not Have To Register The Drone!

If you buy a drone under 250 grams there is no need to register with the FAA. Of course, this will vary by country and location (You can check by State and Country @ uavcoach.com/dronelaws). There are some advantages and disadvantages to not registering your drone.

‼️ Advantages To Registering Your Drone ‼️

No registration process. No paperwork, no personal information is given out. You won’t owe anyone fees. In the US. there is a $5 fee every three years. Except for following the basic local rules and, or laws of flying a drone; you can start flying the drone right out of the box.

‼️ Disadvantages ‼️

Your drone would not be traceable back to you if you were to lose it in flight and someone else found it. Wouldn’t you want your drone $$$ back?

The DJI Find My Drone feature is great, but in the event, you cannot get to the area your drone was lost, you might wish you had registered it. (If you want to see how the Find My Drone feature by DJI works, click or tap here: https://youtu.be/ooH0n4dzwHs , I have a short video on it)

2. You Are Not Required To Have A Part 107 License!

If you buy a drone under 250 grams there is no need for a Part 107 license. Of course, this too will vary by country and location. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this.

‼️ There are 2 different types of drone people ‼️

* Recreational/ Hobbyists = Not Required to have a Part 107 license.
Advantages = (a) You will not have to stress out about studying and paying fees to take a test. (b) You will not have to take any additional courses that may be required to maintain your license in the future. (C) You can fly your drone right out if the box.
Disadvantage = (a) You will not be able to request special authorization to fly in restricted or controlled areas. A great example would be when I was in the Tahoe Keys area of Tahoe, CA. I went to fly near the condo we were staying at and I was unable to take off due to the controlled airspace of a nearby small regional airport. If I had my Part107 license and had filled out the proper paperwork ahead of the family trip, I could have received permission to fly ahead of time. The FAA and local Air Traffic Control just want to know who and what is in their airspace when so close to an airport.

* Professionals = Required To Obtain A Part 107 Pilot License. If you are using your drone for making money, you need to have a Part 107 UAV License. (Use this link to my YouTube video on different ways to make money flying your drone)

‼️ Final Thoughts ‼️

To you, the weight of a drone may not matter, but with everything I invest a good chunk of change in, I try to think of “safety nets” and “what if” situations. I own a larger model DJI drone (DJI Aire 2S) as well and I would love to take it wherever I go, but in some cases, the small compact size of the DJI Mini 2 with a great 4K camera can’t be beaten when packing lightly and on the go. Some countries won’t even allow you to vacation with a drone that weighs over 250 grams without going through a bunch of hoops, so there is that too!

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✅ Do you have your part 107 license??? I used Drone Pilot Ground School and love their format of teaching. If you have more questions just let me know.

Here is a link to find out more about this excellent Part 107 Study Program!

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