If you’re going to Europe and plan to fly your drone, make sure to check the laws of all the countries you plan to travel to. The European Union does not have EU-wide drone laws at this point in time. That means you’ll have to follow the laws put in place by individual countries. Some areas have completely banned the use of drones (such as Paris) and heavily enforce those rules (in Paris, tourists flying drones often spend a night in jail). But other countries, like Sweden, have relaxed laws that allow you to capture the beauty of the country. Some countries have some restrictions in place (like requiring permits or licenses), but still allow drone flights.
In this video, I summarize the drone laws of the countries I most recently visited, including:
– Germany (ok to fly with certain restrictions)
– Austria (incredibly strict / near impossible to fly in populated areas)
– Malta (relaxed)
– Sweden (relaxed)

Fly safe, be careful, respect the laws and have fun!

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