Drone Video Golf Course Marketing Hole by Hole Drone Tour. The golf industry is in trouble and drone solutions may be able to fly in and save the day. Drone Video Marketing for Golf Courses is an excellent idea to set your course apart for your golfers. Golf rounds played dropped 4.9 percent in 2013 according to a report by the National Golf Foundation. The high cost of entry as well as the decline of middle-class buying power, has led to an increase in course closures over the past decade.
As in many industries, drones may help revive the game by offering better marketing solutions via aerial videography as well as more efficient ways to maintain the greens.
The cost of filming a golf course via UAVs is much less expensive than hiring a manned helicopter. “I’ve heard some estimates of over $10,000 to get a helicopter for a day and that does not include the camera or the production team or editing or anything else, he said. “Drones are so affordable that even the smallest golf course in the smallest town can use one.”
Video drone companies to create virtual tours of the course “so players can better understand how to approach each hole before teeing off.”
“We wanted to develop a product that helped them save money and improve their environmental impact without eating into their extremely busy schedules.” CloudSight is currently offering imagery overflight services on a trial basis as well as taking beta customer reservations for the fully automated system.