Fader Drone Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new Fader Drone from TRNDLabs.

The Fader Drone Sells for $129 –


Here is all the info –
Ready to fly right out of the box, this drone features advances in drone technology that make flying a breeze. With FADER’s auto take-off and land functionality, you can take on skillful maneuvers that would previously have carried a serious crash risk!

Super stealthy in all black, this drone looks like a special ops device. With its six-axis gyro module and super light weight, it acts like it too: you can show off any number of impressive tricks with unparalleled control.

Meanwhile, the three levels of controller sensitivity makes it easy to master the basics if you’re flying for the first time.

Use the built-in HD camera to capture brilliant photos and videos so you can relive your flights again and again, or follow the action live on your smartphone.

FADER can hold its altitude mid-flight, making it easy to capture stable footage of your adventures. This also means that there’s no need to worry when you reach the maximum 50-meter range of the controller. FADER will be right there waiting for you.

The included controller sports the same all-black aesthetic as the drone. We’ve engineered the controller with comfort in mind and outfitted it with a mount for your smartphone. By making use of the FADER app, you can enjoy a live stream from the drone and explore your world!

FADER can withstand a full 7 minutes of non-stop action. And at just 55 grams, you can take it anywhere.