The new Golden Star Ferries’ catamaran is in the large floating dock of Spanopoulos Group New Hellenic Shipyards in Ambelakia, Salamina since today afternoon.

Arxipelagos was there to bring you another beautiful video with docking procedures for our new coastal ship.

This high speed craft of shipping family from Andros island, Stefanou bros, we met it under the name “Golden Express”. But soon, within the next few days there will be a name change, according to the company’s naming policy.

The high speed craft is expected to start its route from the port of Rafina to the Cyclades in June, while islands such as Tinos, Mykonos, Paros and Naxos that are included in routes of “Superrunner” will probably be served by it.
Enjoy the video

camera – video editing Konstantinos Papadopoulos