You may already know that sometimes the best helicopters are the ones that you really put a lot of work into. For instance, the remote control gas helicopters, which require constant attention and care to their every detail-be it cleaning, preparing to fly, flying, and taking down and cleaning before storage-are often the type of helicopter that people are most likely to purchase again.

This might seem counterintuitive to our culture which thinks that anything is best when you can put the least amount of work into and it supposedly get the most return from your investment, but you need to consider helicopter flying not as a business venture or hobby but as a way of life. I have seen many a helicopter flyer become disillusioned by others because they purchase the cheapest helicopter and don’t take the time to clean it properly after flying it.

This really frustrates people because those of us who really put time into our flying see it as a joy, and don’t want others who don’t really care about helicopters to be clogging the air with their poorly maintained and poorly flown remote control gas helicopters.

That said, when people are genuinely interested in learning more about my helicopters, I am always happy to show them, and to explain why I spent a certain amount on one helicopter that might seem exorbitant. The way I see it, remote control gas helicopters, and really any type of helicopter is a true investment, and one that you might even have as an heirloom for years to come. Because when it comes down to it, remote control gas helicopters will always be the classic helicopter that people think of when you mention helicopters, and children will always be amazed by how graceful a remote control gas helicopter can fly, when it is paired with a good pilot. One of the things I look forward to most, is sharing my helicopter collection with my children someday, because I think that I’ll really pass down my love of helicopters, and they’ll have an innate sense that these instruments are beautiful and majestic.

I think that helicopters are one of the most amazing manmade creation in the world, and the fact that they mimic nature-for instance, think of the hummingbird-it’s obvious that they are going to last forever. Anyone who is interested in beginning a collection of some sort should consider collecting helicopters. They can focus on model helicopters that are unable to fly and are just purchased for decoration, or they can go full force and purchase remote control gas helicopters that are more expensive but that you get a lifetime of enjoyment out of.

It’s your decision, but either way, helicopters are bound to bring excitement and happiness to anyone who purchases them. Who knows? Someday you might become like me: a well known helicopter enthusiast and professional flyer with years of experience and tons of training and who will always have a special place in their heart for every helicopter I have ever owned.