Drones! Drone! Drones! Curious about them but just don’t know if you will ever venture into aerial flying?

Wonder no more! This video may have that answer for you! In this vlog, I’ll take you on a beginner’s guide on what makes these flying machines so cool as wells as on the ‘whys’ and ’how tos’ about drones!

* Featured drone: Phantom 4 Pro Plus

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In this video I will cover on :

1. The categories of drone flyers (personal opinion)

2. Unboxing the drone

3. Finding a beginners location to fly the drone

4. Basic set up of a drone

5. Beginners level on how to fly the drone

Checkout the talented composers that I featured in this video! I’m digging their sounds! 🙂 :

David Cutter Music

Titles of songs : Brazil, Needle Track, For Kicks & Snooze

Joakim Karud

Song title: Waves

David Cutter Music & Joakim Karud
Song title: Grip tape


Song title: Discovery

Newsroom – NoCopyrightSounds – Royalty-Free (Telifsiz) Music
Source: Youtube

Additional vlogs/ videos that I featured in this vlog:

Casey Neistat
Title: VLOG_357

Title: Almost Crashed a Drone!

4k Iceland by drone – montage
by Phillip Bloom

New York City via Drone
by Mingomatic

Oh yeah! All photos used in this vlog were taken from google search!