Hello and welcome to this stunning footage of Las Vegas (Nevada), United States of America in 4K including all the famous hotels / casinos like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Venetian, Luxor, Encore / Wynn, Cosmopolitan, treasure Island and many more!!!
Seriously, this is the one and only SINCITY! Specially for your wallet ;-D
You should really watch it on a 4K Display.

Hope you guys like it! More to come….

Special thanks to @the Dronalist , the pilot and creator of these stunning shots.
Please visit his Channel and leave a sub!

Original footage:

All clips were rendered with Final Cut Pro.

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Also have a look @World Wide Walkx and their stunning walking videos!

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0:00-0:07 Intro
0:07-0:18 Strip
0:18-00:25 Paris Las Vegas
0:25-0:32 Aria
0:32-0:39 Bellagio Fountain
0:39-0:45 Cosmopolitan fly-thru
0:45-0:52 Caesars Palace
0:52-1:06 Eiffel Tower
1:06-1:13 Bellagio
1:13-1:23 Paris Las Vegas
1:23-1:33 Caesars Palace / Bellagio
1:33-1:40 Bellagio
1:40-1:46 Vdara
1:46-1:59 Strip
1:59-2:16 High Roller
2:16-2:26 Bellagio
2:26-2:30 Eiffel Tower
2:30-2:36 Flamingo
2:36-2:44 Cosmopolitan
2:44-2:52 Strip
2:52-3:17 Planet Hollywood
3:17-3:24 Eiffel Tower
3:24-3:32 Strip
3:32-3:39 Caesars Palace / Bellagio / Eiffel Tower
3:39-4:11 Strip