2BS Remote Control Sonar Wireless Fish Finder Fishing Bait Boat Update from 2B



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1.This fishing boat is designed for fishing enthusiasts
2.It can be used for feeding,playing nest,towing hooks,putting the hook,luring the fish,testing water temperature,probing water depth
3.Its exquisite design and decent appearance fully demonstrated the practical performance of the boat:accurately casting hooks and bait to the desired fishing waters to catching more fish
4.Fish finder:Sonar fish finder system,accurate detection of the fish where the water depth(This sonar fish depth up to 32m)

Technical parameters
1. Dimension:600*240*180mm
2. The battery is 6V/12A sealed rechargeable lead-acid batteries,can work continuously for more than two hours after charging each time
3. Speed:2m/s
4. Remote control distance:Minimum 200 meters to 300 meters
5. Drive components: dual 540 high-speed magnetic power motor, reduction gear improve efficiency and reduce current
6. Main action: forward, left, right, put the hook, the direction indicators
7. Dump load:1.5kg

1. Using the address coding
2. Power supply:6V(4*AAA battery not include)
3. Size:130*85*30mm
4. 4-inch large LCD display
5. LCD voltage display (boat and remote control):displaying direction, temperature, depth, and so on
6. The fish finder sensitivity adjustment
7. The antenna length: 30MM

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1. The shell of the boat is made of all high-quality engineering plastic mold injection molding,the entire ship,beautiful appearance,durable 2. The hull on the front and rear hatch and the other connecting parts are equipped with rubber seal ring,thus water will not run inti the cabin even if the whole ship sinks into the water
3. The dynamic part of the downshift of the 540 high-speed magnetic motor-driven gear set,greatly improving the efficiency of the motor,extending the sailing time 4. In order to adapt to night work,three navigation lights are set up,so the operator can easily control and identify the direction even at night
5. Making fishing fun with an increase of powerful features

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