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Hours of crazy radio-controlled fun with RCDaredevil!Product InformationRCDaredevil thrusts you behind the controls of five different high-performanceradio-controlled airplanes.  Careen through airborne challenges to prove your air superiorityby out-maneuvering your opponents! Maneuver through rings collect paint balloonshit targets race through the city chase down your challenger and much more!RC Daredevil brings the wholesome exhilarating fun of radio controlled aircraftinside to the PC.In a market filled with “me too” shoot-em-down flight simulators RCDaredevil offers a Family Friendly alternative with eye-grabbing packagingloads of features and exciting yet easy-to-use game play suitable for the wholefamily!Product Features 20 Total Missions! Expansive Environments with Great 3D Graphics! 5 Different Plane Types:  Biplane WW2 Fighter Jet Fighter P-40 Cap-231 4 Episodes Modes of Play: Balloon Splat Dogfight Air Race Graboids! 7 Power Ups Directional compass radar and throttle help you to navigate even the toughest courses! Episode 1 – Balloon SplatCompete against the clock AND your opponent to see how many paint balloons youcan capture. Drop your balloons on targets to see who can get extra points forevery one you don’t drop!Episode 2 – DogfightIt’s a classic game of wit and skill as you compete in a one-on-one dogfightagainst your opponent! Can you score five hits on your opponent before they cando the same to you? Ammo and power-ups will help you along the way…if you canfind them in time.Episode 3 – Air RaceNavigate skyscrapers traffic signals and even a giant Ferris wheel as you flyto the finish line in this heart-pounding air race! Use an array of offensivepower-ups to gain the advantage! Can you get to the next waypoint before timeruns out?Episode 4 – Graboid!Your Mission: Score more Graboid points than your opponent does before time runso
RC DareDevil puts you behind the controls of a high-performance radio-controlled (RC) airplane. In a wild ride with a cast of zany characters, you careen through airborne challenges, including balloon splat targeting and air races, in one of five planes based on actual RC designs. The game is set in expansive environments including a city, a neighborhood playground, and an amusement park. A course progress map, directional compass, fuel gauge, and throttle help you navigate the courses. Drop paint-filled balloons to slow your opponent down or shoot them with BB pellets and watch them nosedive. Use Tornado Speed, Flash, and Signal Disruptors to throw off your opponent.

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