The radio controlled Esky helicopters run the gamut from the small electric remote controlled helicopters to the larger gas-operated radio controlled helicopters. Also known as E-Sky Helicopters, they produce remote controlled helicopters for everyone from the novice to the expert.
The designs of the E-Sky RC Helicopters often include fully adjustable flybar weights that allow you to adjust the controls for a choice between ease of handling and performance. Keeping the flybar weights in the outer position will actually reduce the performance somewhat in order to make these radio controlled helicopters much easier for the beginner to control. Moving them closer in will increase the performance of the Radio Controlled flight but will make handling much more difficult. It is highly recommended to get used to controlling your RC helicopter before you begin attempting to perform aerobatic stunts or advanced RC flying.

The coaxial rotors are another revolutionary E-Sky Helicopter design feature that makes these RC Helicopters an excellent choice for the novice helicopter pilot. The contra rotating rotors decrease the shear and the torque often associated with Helicopter flight. While the coaxial rotors are not ideally suited for advanced helicopter acrobatics, they do make the Esky coaxial helicopters ideal for beginners and an excellent starting point for anyone who is interested in getting involved with remote controlled flight.
E-Sky helicopters makes RC Aircraft in all sorts of price ranges as well. From the very cheap to the very expensive, you can find it here. However, if you are concerned about wrecking before you ever get started with RC flying; Esky has a full selection of simulators available as well. While the main difficulty in RC Helicopter for most people is, the torque involved during take-off, these Radio Controlled simulators allow you to complete your flight before you ever leave your home.
In all honesty, most people seem to have more difficulties with the Li Po batteries than they do with the Esky Radio Controlled helicopters. The Li Po or Lithium Polymer battery is the latest and greatest in battery technology and allows the Esky RC helicopters to be flown longer. While the batteries are smaller and more powerful, care must be taken in charging and handling or these stand a better chance of destroying your RC Flight fun faster than any accident or mishap with your Esky RC Helicopters.
Whether you are new to the world of Radio Controlled Helicopters or an advanced acrobatic pilot with years of experience, you will probably find something that not only fits your needs, but provides you with endless hours of RC Entertainment as well. With a little adjustment, most of their helicopters can be easily adapted so that you can share the RC Flight experience with everyone in the family together. Esky Radio Controlled Helicopters are a must if you want something that is equally suitable for everyone.