Some people are so worried about getting a helicopter at the right price, that they never even visit the possibility of getting a remote control turbo helicopter. The turbo helicopter is really a great new technology-it goes higher and faster and has more agility than comparable helicopter that cannot boast the turbo aspect. Of course, you might come across a friend or neighbor that says they were able to get a remote control turbo helicopter for the price of a regular helicopter, and this might really bum you out.

But keep this in mind: if you feel you made a great purchase, and you know how wonderful your new remote control helicopter is, it doesn’t really matter what other people paid, and maybe they are just making up a price anyway! That’s what I usually tell myself, because as a professional helicopter flyer that specializes in remote control helicopters, I have seen my share of competition, and that’s not just in the ability to fly a helicopter well.

For some reason, the people that really get excited about helicopters are cut throat when it comes to buying the best model at the best price, and since turbo helicopters are known to be more high quality and therefore more expensive, the well-priced turbo helicopter is often the most highly sought after. I can tell you this from personal experience: even if you’re a wonderful helicopter flyer, if you are not a shrewd buyer, other professional helicopter flyers won’t take you seriously. I had to learn this the hard way, and since then I’ve just wanted to make sure that everyone else I talk to is well educated about the subject, because the remote control turbo helicopter group is tight knit, and once they exile you, it’s hard to get back in.

For me, I was so excited about purchasing my first remote control turbo helicopter that I didn’t really worry too much about the price. I had worked really hard for about a year and saved up my money like you wouldn’t believe, and I was ready to purchase the best helicopter on the market. And even though I got it, it turns out that I purchased my remote control turbo helicopter for more than one hundred dollars over the market value. Apparently, there is the equivalent of a Kelly Blue Book for helicopters, and people really make sure they know the value of a helicopter before they go into a sale. Well, since then, it’s been really hard to get myself back into their group, and I ultimately sold my first remote control turbo helicopter and bought a different model at a great price.

You see, the other people that consider themselves professional helicopter fliers think of themselves as really smart people, so they don’t understand why anyone would purchase a helicopter at the wrong price. If you can show them that you are a shrewd buyer, they’ll take you under their wing, and then you’ll be good as gold.