On October 23, 2023, a catastrophic pileup occurred on Interstate 55 near New Orleans, Louisiana. This tragic event resulted in a significant loss of life and numerous injuries.

What Happened?

A phenomenon known as ‘superfog’, a mixture of smoke from marsh fires and dense morning fog, drastically reduced visibility along I-55. This led to a series of at least three “crash clusters” involving multiple vehicles.

The Aftermath

  • Fatalities and Injuries: The crash claimed the lives of at least eight individuals and caused injuries to 63 others
  • Vehicles Involved: Approximately 168 vehicles were reported to have been involved in the incident
  • Destruction: The interstate was transformed into a chaotic scene with scores of cars and trucks damaged, some of which were set ablaze

Cleanup Efforts

Following the disaster, cleanup crews were deployed to manage the extensive wreckage. Their efforts continued into the next day to clear the debris and restore the interstate to operational status.


This incident is a stark reminder of the unpredictable and dangerous conditions that can arise on our roadways. It underscores the importance of cautious driving, especially in conditions of reduced visibility.


Q: How many people were injured in the crash? A: There were 63 reported injuries due to the incident.

Q: What caused the ‘superfog’? A: It was a combination of smoke from local marsh fires and dense morning fog.

Q: How many vehicles were involved? A: An estimated 168 vehicles were involved in the pile-up.