What is a vortex? It is a phenomenon of spinning an object to create a vortex of liquid or wind. This generally is the shape of a tornado. Ever done a hurricane experiment in a 2 liter soda bottle? This is an example of vortex creation. This is the basis by which vortex helicopters work.
The principle of vortex remote control helicopters is the creation of an air vortex, this vortex is an invisible stream of air in the form of a tornado. Before you decide to rush to your local store to get yourself a vortex helicopter it is advisable to make a list of requirements . The prime reason for this is the fact that people often make a choice based on superficial things like the color of the helicopter. Also remember never to choose a copter based on its price. Some people commit this mistake thinking that all helicopters are the same, while in reality they are not. It is crucial for you to know the exact thing you are looking for, otherwise you may end up being confused by the various models on offer. Walk into the shop with a clear and focused mind. Steer away from distractions like flashy colors. So, what exactly should one look for in a vortex remote control helicopter.
One should always prepare a short list of the best helicopters on offer, doing it by process of natural elimination. Choosing the one to buy from the short list requires introspection. I would recommend that durability of the copter should be the prime requirement and not its outward appearance. If money is not an issue then there are many top class helicopters available, which will not only look good, but will be durable as well. In any case, my best wishes go with you on making this purchase.
A vortex remote control helicopter is usually very well made and the manufacturer ensures the quality of the product is high. The downside to this is the cost, which is slightly on the expensive side, but is good value for money as the vortex helicopter is top draw and almost flawless in its make. You could use the vortex remote control helicopter in competitions that are held from time to time. These events usually offer a lot in terms of price money, which would help in re-gaining your investment.

The contests take place frequently and if you are really interested in participating in them, then you should not hesitate in buying the best vortex helicopter available. Anything of cheaper quality would be useless as winning with it be next to impossible. On the other hand, if you want to go in for the helicopter just for the sake of re-creation then choose one which suits your price range. It is important to remember that these helicopters are delicate and need to be handled carefully. With good maintenance, you could get the copter to last at least a couple of years.