Please note that I have sent a letter of apology to all the PINE TREES in my area.
In this episode I take a look at a really fun little drone for indoors or outdoors. The Flywoo Firefly Nano 1S Baby. Below are the links to everything I spoke of in the video:
– FIREFLY DRONE on BANGGOOD: use Discount Code on Banggood: bgcaptain21


– INSTA360GO Camera:

– EXPRESS LRS Transmitter 2.4 ghz on BANGGOOD store. Use Discount: BGCAPTAINLRS

– EXPRESS LRS Transmitter on BETAFPV store:


1. Keep in mind that your receiver in your drone & transmitter must be on the same Firmware version to talk to each other. To update either one, you will need to download ELRS CONFIGURATOR onto a laptop or desktop. Lots of videos on line how this software works. Here is where you find the CONFIGURATOR:
2. If you are using the T-LITE RADIO you will need to install the included back plate that came with it. You take off the back of the Jumper T-Lite and then run the connection wire through the body and into the only possibly spot it can connect. Screw the back on and screw the back plate on.
3. Next, be certain that you have a MICRO SD CARD in your T-LITE RADIO. On that MICRO SD CARD you must place the ELRS LUA Script. It is a tiny text file that tells your radio how to talk to the ELRS transmitter. The Script is available from the ELRS CONFIGURATOR (look half way down the screen). Or if you are using a WINDOWS computer, open NOTEPAD and paste the text found here into it and save the file as ELRS.LUA.
4. That ELRS.LUA file goes onto the micro sd card in this directory: SCRIPTSTOOLS
5. When you create a model in your radio for a drone, make sure you select EXTERNAL Transmitter vice INTERNAL. Then in your drone model, in the section to BIND, select CRSF. This will cause your radio to speak with the BETAFPV ELRS module.
6. Now to see if it works, attached your BETAFPV ELRS transmitter to your radio, power on your radio, hold down the SYSTEM button, you should see an option to select ELRS out of many (scroll down if you don’t see it). Select it with the ENTER key and you should see the option at the lower left to BIND. In addition, the light on the BETAFPV ELRS transmitter should be on.
7. Now take your ELRS drone (whichever one you have) and be prepared to plug in a powered USB cable to it. You can run one out of your laptop to the drone. You’ll notice that if you plug in USB power to the drone the lights come on. What you want to do is put the drone into BIND mode. You do this by adding power to the drone a total of 3 times quickly. What this means is you plug in the USB and as soon as you see a light come on, pull the USB back out. Do it again, and as soon as you see power come on, pull it out again. Now, on the 3rd try you’ll leave the power in place and all lights should come on and you should see one light go into a double flash mode. Now press the BIND button on the ELRS menu on your radio and binding should occur.
8. Now, as per normal, you can set up your MODES in BETAFLIGHT, just like any FPV drone.


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