Hello Viewers, This video is all about How to Fly a Drone for this video I am using DJI Mavic Air 2, so Lets unbox this device and see how good drone can takes Beautiful shoots…

videos mention in this video are link below:-

iOS 15 All Features:- https://youtu.be/nEhiCUnvGXc
Apple WWDC21:-https://youtu.be/xsMXgZQ4tGM
LiDAR Playlist:-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8585KAjfhY27GXOEqY813BxW0B0E7zk-
2021iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Unboxing & Features:-https://youtu.be/VlulReyYpJU
iPad Air 4 Unboxing in Telugu:- https://youtu.be/LYTC_O1yZe0
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iPad Pro 2020 Gaming review in Telugu:- https://youtu.be/VXzrb-WxS_4
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0:00 – intro
0:40 – Unboxing
2:06 – Accessories
3:30 – controller features
5:13 – design and build quality
6:15 – camera specifications
7:22 – attaching the propeller(wings)
7:52 – on-screen features
9:24 – how to take off
10:10 – video mode
13:05 – Quick shots mode
16:50 – how to land a drone
17:20 – conclusion and price information

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