The objective of this clip is to encourage #dronepilot to fly safely, avoiding useless risks, avoiding collisions and failures, avoiding repairing costs…
With 30+ years of model flying practices, we are pleased to share our experiences and help you guys by providing some useful recommendation/avoidance.
You will also find information for choosing the drone that best fit your need.

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00:00 Part 1 – Introduction
00:43 What is a drone
01:12 Factors influencing Quality of flight
02:00 Choosing the right drone
03:40 Where to buy drone
04:51 Where to buy Accessories
05:30 Part 2 – How to Fly drone Safely
05:42 After Buying
06:31 One day before Flight
07:02 Preparation before flying
09:06 Safety during flight
11:11 Before landing
12:07 After landing
12:28 Flights completion
12:44 Drone repair

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