More of an experiment than anything in depth. Just noodling around the lake with a DJI Mini 3 Pro. It’s still a great drone. It’s very expensive to rent a plane. Around here it’s about 160 dollars per hour which does include fuel. It’s actually a reasonable rate, but it can quickly add up. Flying drones and spending time with the flight simulators is a way to get some aviation time without going up in an actual plane.

Per the DJI website, the DJI Air 2 will get a firmware update which will bring it into compliance for Remote ID. This is supposed to happen by the end of September 2023. This is great news as now Air 2 owners can be compliant without a module, and it could also mean better resale value.

One thing that’s fun about making videos is all of the technology needed to so. It has been fun learning Davinci Resolve and getting more experience with on location shooting. I plan on doing more these.